Thursday, April 09, 2009

Remove Activist Judges

The Founding Fathers of our nation never intended for the Supreme Court to be the final authority on the law of the land. Article III section 2 of the U.S. Constitution clearly gives Congress the authority to limit what cases the Federal court's and SCOTUS can hear. Supreme Court Justices are not appointed for life, but for times of good behavior. Congressman Ron Paul has once again introduced legislation into the Congress that would remove from the Federal courts jurisdiction cases involving freedom of religion, abortion, and sexual orientation. The bill is called the We the People Act (H.R. 539).

In reference to these limitations, this act would establish the following enforcement mechanism against activist judges:

A violation by a justice or a judge of any of the provisions of section 3 or 4 shall be an impeachable offense, and a material breach of good behavior subject to removal by the President of the United States according to rules and procedures established by the Congress.

So far this bill has only two cosponsors, Walter Jones of North Carolina and Ted Poe of Texas.

Contact your congressman and tell him/her to cosponsor this bill.

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