Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Columbus Tea Party, 4/15/09 A.M., Part 1

COLUMBUS, OHIO (AGC News) There were two TEA Parties scheduled for Columbus, Ohio today. The first, was a morning session, 9 AM-12:30 PM and the second was scheduled for 6-7:30 PM. Both had different purposes. The first 'party' was more educational and instructive. It was held primarily in the Auditorium of the Downtown Columbus, Ohio Public Library, which advertises itself as the #1 library in the country. It did appear friendly, attractive, clean and inviting. The second TEA Party was the mass demonstration of the growing frustration with the thoughtless, senseless, wasteful government spending and government appropriation of powers that were never meant for it.

Five or six speakers in the morning spoke on the current political, economic and spiritual state of our nation. The speakers included a candidates who ran for office and activists, who tried to pump up the crowd of between 50-100 who attended the morning session. The speakers all exhorted those present to become active and educated about the various issues of the day. One speaker, Dave Daubenmire, really urged the church to assume its role to be a moral leader in society. For the most part, the leadership role, once held by the church and its preachers, has been abdicated. Therefore, sad to say, the church is of little influence in the culture or political arena today. It is also a big reason why the country is in such a woeful state today.

There was literature and materials available before and after the presentations. Following the seminar type of presentations there was a march from the library to the Ohio statehouse. Once at the Statehouse we walked around the mega block and returned to the library. The group that marched in at 1:00 PM was minuscule compared to the crowd that showed up in the evening. See part 2 of the Columbus Tea Party story.

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