Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why the April 15th Tea Party protests?

The following is part of an excellent exchange between a reader of this blog, hess, and myself in response to my article, “Portland, Oregon Tea Party and More

Comment by hess

“Well, the Boston Tea Party was specifically a revolt against an unreasonable tea tax that was levied by a government for which the Bostonites did not and were not allowed to vote (Britain did have an elected Parliament by that point). Like I said before, I don't really see a symbolic parallel today. Like him or not, (Barry Soetoro alias) Barack Obama was elected by a solid majority of his voting constituents, and I would suspect that everyone participating in these tea parties was in fact afforded the opportunity to participate in that election.”

gregjaye’s response

The fact that President Soetoro (a/k/a Obama) received a majority of votes in the last election – notwithstanding the fact that many votes were obtained with the dubious help of tainted George Soros financing, assistance from nefarious groups like ACORN, and an unprecedented political activism and malpractice of a compromised, blatantly biased national media – - - doesn’t give the president or congress the carte blanche authority to commit fiscal child abuse on forthcoming generations of Americans.

In just a few short months, the terrible triumvirate of Pelosi, Reid and the president have driven the national debt/deficit into a stratospheric range. Essentially, they are spending money we do not have for what we do not need. What a foolish policy and what foolish action.

One obvious goal of the new administration and the 111th Congress - which, by the way, is unnecessary and absolutely unreasonable – is the proposed Cap and Trade Tax. This is merely a socialistic trick to redistribute wealth of America and Americans. First of all, man-caused global warming/climate change is an absolute hoax. Second, billions of dollars would be wasted with infinitesimal modification of the world’s temperature. Third, it will hurt America’s economy and enrich charlatans like Al Gore.

The president should be supported when he implements or recommends policies that will strengthen America. However, he should adamantly be opposed when he proposes, or move to implement, destructive policies or expenditures. That is what the Tea Parties are all about – opposing the new tyrannical actions of the president, the congress and the activist and complicit courts and judges.

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