Monday, April 20, 2009

Attack Dog 'Journalism,' Part III

This story began on Wednesday at the Chicago Tea Party. This is an evolving, progressive story, which helps to explain and to expose the radical nature of one the a mainstays of the opposition media, CNN. The CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, involved has, herself, become the story. She should have been reporting the dramatic Chicago Tea Party event. Instead, what she did was she tried to make it out to be something that it was not. This is journalism at its worst. This is not journalism. She tried to manipulate the news to make it seem as if it was something that it was not. John Ziegler calls it Media Malpractice.

The people, ordinary Americans, in the video below make some good comments about how the ‘reporter’ selected the most extreme person in the crowd to portray him/them as being the norm. The CNN reporter missed the whole story, which was the growing anger and frustration of the majority, or at least a growing number of Americans, at the wasteful, foolish spending by the ever-expanding socialist-bent government of money it does not have on things that are not needed.

At the Tea Party, which I attended in Columbus, Ohio, had displayed many signs indicating a frustration of an unwise saddling of America’s future generations – what some call generational theft or fiscal child abuse – with piles of unnecessary and unseemly amounts of debt. The video below. as well as the two previous posts, "
Attack Dog 'Journalism'" and "Attack Dog 'Journalism,' Part 2," show how misleading and dangerous the opposition media has become. The Tea Parties were overwhelmingly successful despite the opposition media’s best attempt at thwarting the truth . . .

As the camera was rolling after the CNN report the the interaction of the crowd and the reporter continued.

Here is a snippet from the conversation between one woman in the crowd and
Roesgen. Roesgen asked the woman why she was present at the Tea Party.

Here is a part of the courageous and outspoken woman's answer, ". . . we are here because we are tired of the government taking our money and spending it in ways that we have no say in. We have no say whatsoever. Government is being run by a Federal Reserve Bank and they are getting all of our money, our kids money, our grand kids money. It's not fair. . . . elected official . . . need to be thrown out . . . Congress . . . Republican and Democrat . . . need to be thrown out . . . Bush voted for all this and Obama voted for this . . .This is not about Republican or Democrat, it is about the government stealing our money . . ."

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