Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fremont, Ohio Tea Party, 4/15/09

FREMONT, OHIO T.D. was on hand today to snap the above photos. A cool midst gently fell during the event, a TEA Party Protest/Rally, which was held in the northern Ohio town of Fremont at noon. A group of approximately 100-200 people met at the municipal building to hear the local TEA Party Coordinator, John Roush, speak. He urged the gathered group of the need to trust in God and that nothing will change without His help. The group sang God Bless America at the close of the rally.

Similar rallies were held across America on April 15th to demonstrate the frustration of many people, Democrat, Republican, Independent and Third Parties with what is going on today.

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  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Socialism, marxism whatever is indeed an evil that will bring down any culture or society. But to claim the President is evil or into this is crazy. Sure he is a centralist and wants more government control so did FDR and sure it is counter to our free market capitalistic views but their intentions are from a crisis they came into created by the conservatives under greed and stupidity. The far rights actions can be as dangerous to America as the far left. Bush proofed that. Leave God out of it the more the far right screws up the more people don't even want to talk to Christians. Did Christ slam Rome NO but he sure jumped the far right. Collectivism and Socialism needs to be done away with thru votes, education and work. Get back on the gold standard, do away with the FED enforce the 10 admendment and work.