Saturday, April 18, 2009

'Hate Crimes' rears its ugly head again . . .

Taking Back the Rainbow

It is now expected that on Wednesday April 22, the full US House Judiciary Committee will vote on H.R. 1913, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009. This bill is anti-Christian and has the intended or unintended purpose of silencing any declaration of the true nature of homosexuality and other sexually perverse behaviors.

Right now there are sufficient laws on the books to protect all Americans equally. What so-called 'hate crime' laws would also do would be to create a class of persons with special priveleges provided to no other Americans. It must be stopped.

So-Called Hate Crime Bill Threatens Religious Freedom

CLICK TO READ: So-Called Hate Crime Bill Threatens Religious Freedom


Contact your legislators and ask them to vote NO on H.R. 1913. If you click on the link above the photo, then it will take you to an email which you could send to your representative today.


  1. Read this legislation and see how ridiculous it is, especially the reasons given in the Findings Section. If you write to your congressman about this, tell him/her also to vote no on HR 256 and HR 262, which go so far as to provide funding for pro-homosexual educational programs.

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Hate crimes is a weapon of radical individuals who have an agenda that want it concealed. Their weapon in political correctness (humanist censorship) which is a bona fide religion. The groups of Islam ,homosexual and progressive supremeists have been going unchecked with their agenda for decades. They are well financied organized and control much of our society ( media, schools, military legistlatures and courts). However they do not know or care to understand that some American still have a deep love for their country, nor do they care. Since Progs. "deplore the division of Humankind under nationalistic grounds". Also, Humanists demand a share life in a shared world. ie -foreign aid, welfare,IMF, World bank ( all with American taxpayer dollars). However, the progs don't consider it taxpayer dollars but "public monies" hence related terms "Public Television" or "Public Radio". Why aren't they organizations being taken to court not being political neutral as well as being a non profit organizating ( which could threaten their tax exempt status. The "Silent Majority" should not longer be silent and not listen to their "atheist propaganda". The progs are serious as a heart attack and they will steal our children's minds, our wallets, our freedom, our firearms (oh, yes!!!). That is part of their agenda as well. If I could think of any group who are facists in this coutry it's would be the progs. After all, It was a liberal democrat (Thomas Dodd D- conn) who brought Naxi Germany's Gun coutrol law of 1938 and redrafted it into the Gun control act of 1968). Don't be deceived both political parts in Washington, D.C. have sold us out along time ago for their own financial and political gain . The wars our grandfathers, fathers brothers, uncles and cousins have been fighting are not for our freedom but for the New World Order which will only lead to our chirldren and grandchildrens enslavement since it is a progressive movement. It will progressively get worse, alot worse!!!