Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Judge David Hamilton Should Not Be Confirmed!

Stop this radically pro-death judicial appointment

Beginning in the following paragraph is part of an email, which I received from the Ohio Christian Alliance, regarding President Barry Soetoro's (a/k/a Barack Obama) first judicial nominee, David Hamilton. Like himself, Soetoro's (alias Obama) and his nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, Hamilton is vehemently and radically pro-death (pro-abortion) as well as being a judicial activist.

"The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a confirmation hearing today (Wednesday), on Judge David Hamilton, the abortion advocate who Obama has appointed to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals as his first judicial pick. The 7th Circuit covers Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

"Hamilton served in leadership with the ACLU and as a fundraiser for ACORN. . .
. .
"Hamilton was initially appointed by President Clinton to a district judgeship in Indiana in 1994. ABA gave him a “not qualified” rating. Over a period of 7 years Hamilton proceeded to issue a series of rulings preventing Indiana from implementing its informed consent law which would have given women information about abortion's risks and alternatives. The 7th Circuit Court, (the very court to which he has now been nominated), overturned Hamilton's rulings and issued a statement rebuking him for holding up the law.

“For seven years Indiana has been prevented from enforcing a statute materially identical to a law held valid by the Supreme Court in Casey, by this court in Karlin, and by the fifth circuit in Barnes. No court anywhere in the country (other than one district judge in Indiana) has held any similar law invalid in the years since Casey. Although Salerno does not foreclose all pre-enforcement challenges to abortion laws, it is an abuse of discretion for a district judge to issue a pre-enforcement injunction while the effects of the law (and reasons for those effects) are open to debate. What happened in Mississippi and Utah does not imply that the effects in Indiana are bound to be unconstitutional, so Indiana (like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) is entitled to put its law into effect and have that law judged by its own consequences.”


Call your U.S. Senators and urge them to vote NO on the confirmation of David Hamilton. Click on the link below for their contact information.

Here is a sample email that you can use as you email your Senators. This wording was suggested by Liberty Council. You can chose, as I did, to also send faxes to your Senators as well as some or all the members of the judiciary committee. Or you can email your senators at the email address given in the link above.

Senator _______________:

I urge you to vote against the confirmation of David Hamilton to the 7th Circuit.

Hamilton’s views are far outside the legal mainstream. In 2005, he ruled that prayers to Jesus were sectarian and unconstitutional while stating that prayers to "Allah" were acceptable. In addition, Hamilton is also ardently pro-abortion. This former
ACLU attorney blocked an informed consent abortion law in Indiana that is nearly identical to a law approved by the Supreme Court. In fact, the 7th Circuit called Hamilton’s obstruction of the informed consent law "an abuse of discretion."

Hamilton should not be confirmed. The President cannot be allowed to politicize our courts with partisan, ideological appointments.


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Heck after 28 years of Republican hacks being appointed to the Federal bench by Reagan, Bush I and W it is long past time for some fresh, progressive thought on the Federal courts. Judge David Hamilton looks like a pretty good appointment to me.

    The original poster shows his bias by calling President Obama by the name Barry Soweto. This only shows how desperate you Republicans have become. Instead of proposing any new ideas all you can do is oppose Obama and the Democrats.

  2. Anonymous5:50 PM

    The facts show Judge David Hamilton was a fund raiser for ACORN, and a leader in the Indiana chapter of the ACLU. He opposed the use of the Christian words, Jesus or Christ, or Savior; but Hamilton said choosing to pray in public to Allah was OK. He is pro-abortion. He is in no way a strict constitutionalist... We do not need his kind at the District Court level.

  3. Anon 505 -

    I absolutely agree with your comment. Confirming Hamilton would be a step in the direction of activist court rulings . . . It would hinder justice . . .

  4. There ia a serious question about barry seotoro, and his true birth place. Only a liberal, could ignore the US Constitution so as to obtain power. A liberals power is always most important above all else.

    Anybody who is willing to just accept somebody to be President simply on their word, has a total disregard for the US Constitution by default. You liberals should be demanding of YOUR president that he prove his eligibility. Why would you guys, who always claim to be so wise, allow yourself to be fooled by a cheap con man? Or do you know who is really is, and you simply don't care?


  5. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Well, it's been a year since the new administration took over the country (yes, took over). Are you happy with the "changes" yet? From my perspective, as an employer, all I've seen is the denigration of our country over the last year, with the rediculous handouts that have nationalized many of our industries and is attempting to do the same with heathcare, giving us the same quality healthcare that the other socialist countries have. Entitlements and overspending and overtaxing is not the way to dig out. The government, but they are run by liberals, needs to stop spending, create programs that don't create the entitements and create an environment where businesses can grow. Only then can the US stay free and not become just another communist country. With appointments like David Hamilton, it's just one step closer to being told exactly what we can and cannot do, say, or believe. "Change" is what we were promised and change is what we're getting. Are you happy yet?

  6. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I will be burning up my fax this weekend sending letter to my Senators!
    How about all of you?
    This man is evil!
    This country is going to hell!!!! God help us all!

  7. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Amongt other things, the original poser "Anonymous said..." "The original poster shows his bias by calling President Obama by the name Barry Soweto. This only shows how desperate you Republicans have become. Instead of proposing any new ideas all you can do is oppose Obama and the Democrats."
    As is the norm with a lot of "liberals" anonymous doesn't have his facts straight. I believe the original poster called him 'BARRY SOETORO"... not Barry Soweto lol.

  8. Louis E.3:09 AM

    I don't want any government entities using prayers to Jesus OR Allah.A sectarian interpretation of God has no place in the government sphere.
    Neither do I want a judge who opposes the right to abortion.Hamilton sounds pretty good.

  9. Anonymous2:57 PM

    David Hamilton is a moderate who has the support of Indiana Republican Senator Lugar, hardly a liberal..

    This "activist" judge rhetoric talk is silly...Do you not even see the irony??...The most activist judges are CONSERVATIVES, such as Robert Bork, Janice Rogers Brown, Roy Moore, etc...

    Sonia Sotomayor is a moderate as is David Hamilton...That's the problem with Republicans, they have gone SO far too the right that only the Roberts' & Scalias' of this world are acceptable...

  10. Anon. 11/17/09 today -

    What is your definition of MODERATE? It sure does not mean what it used to mean, in a time when words meant something.

    This nominee is a leftist, a radical judge who will pervert the judicial process with his misguided rulings.

  11. Camille10:09 AM

    To Louis E....

    You said, "I don't want any government entities using prayers to Jesus OR Allah."

    I have to ask you, do you even know American History? Do you realize that all our founding fathers gave God, the God of the Christian Bible, the glory and honor for our country? Do you realize that one of the first US Supreme Court judges recommended that all judges be Christians before they could be considered?

    I am about SICK of people saying we can take God out of our government, when are government was all but founded on the prinicples of the Bible and God was given ALL the credit for our existence and our nation.

    Wake up, people! This is not a war against flesh and blood. This is not about Obama or anyone else. This is about the very real battle that is going on today. There are only two sides, and for far too long we have chosen the losing side. Don't we realize the battle has already been won? Why do we continue to be ignorant and not give glory where glory is due? Why do we rant and rave like a bunch of spoiled children that don't get there way.

    Wake up, you men, and take a stand for God. Put God back in our lives and back in our government...and perhaps - no, not perhaps, most definitely we will see our country turning back - but God's grace - to her former glory which was from God alone.

  12. I am glad to see that they have someone else on the seat who isn't anti-choice.

    (I love how you people call him pro-death and pro-abortion, yet more than half of you are for the death penalty, which is actually pro-death, so I decided to use the term anti-choice instead of pro-life, because most pro-choicers are pro-life, we are just pro-choice when it comes to a woman's body and her fertilized egg.)