Thursday, August 06, 2009

Barack Obama’s 37 Social Security Numbers

There has been a rumor going around the blogosphere that Mr. Obama has 37 or more Social Security numbers. Some have said that the SSN that he has used the most was issued out of Connecticut, a state in which Mr. Obama has never resided. (They know this because of the first five digits, 042-68.) Some have said that this Connecticut number once belonged to a man who, if alive today, would be 119 years old.

A possible explanation for the multitude of SSNs attributed to the name Barack Hussein Obama is that some people (up to some mischief) have legally changed their names to Barack Hussein Obama. This is entirely possible. I have also heard it said that there is nothing illegal about having more than one SSN.

But the Connecticut number is not so easily explained away. If this is really true then Obama is a fraud. I will further speculate about how this came to light. Obama defenders argued against the “birthers” that Obama couldn’t have been issued an SSN if he did not have a birth certificate. But they didn’t bother to find out that the SSN, which would have been issued during Obama’s teen years, was issued from Connecticut or that it had belonged to someone else.

All of this could just be a bunch of baloney, but maybe it isn’t. I couldn’t find it on Snopes yet. This issue may be pushed to the forefront once Major Stefan Cook's case comes to trial.

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