Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Government Health Care in Action

This (click on title)is an example of what happens when we go down the road of socialized , government controlled heath care. this story is repeated in Europe and Australia all the time.

My mother who is German had a brother and a brother-in-law pass away in Germany from heart attacks over the last three years. Both of them would probably been saved if here in America and that was admitted by the wife of both of these men to my mother. They both had heart attacks on the weekend, one on Fri evening and the other on Sat. They basically had to wait for Monday before they would be properly treated because no doctors were available for surgery on the weekend. In the mean time, both died. On the other hand, my mother herself had a heart attack 2 years ago. There were no questions asked when she went to the emergency room to see if she would or would not get treatment based on insurance. She did have insurance , but that factor was not determinate as to whether they would save her life or not.They saved her life.

Please, fight this ObamaCare with all you have. Our quality of health care and our very freedoms are on the line.

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