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ObamaCare: Abortion's Trojan Horse

Article updated 6:00 AM, 8/17/09

This morning I heard on the news that the President is willing to drop the public option requirement in his so-called healthcare reform plan. Pressure is mounting in opposition to this unneeded and grossly flawed plan. There is more wrong with the plan than just the public option. He still is intent on passing healthcare 'reform' yet this year.

Following the abominable action of Notre Dame University earlier this year, when its administration invited radically pro-death President Soetoro a/k/a Obama to deliver its commencement address and to receive an honorary doctorate degree, other Catholic organizations are attempting to outdo the school in terms of atrocious behavior. Earlier this month, several large and influential Catholic social and health organizations encouraged their members to support the current ObamaCare supposed healthcare reform bill.

"Why would Catholic Charities USA do this? Well guess what, 5 days after endorsing ObamaCare, Catholic Charities USA, got its first ever federal contract worth $100 million dollars. In other words, JUDAS just got paid! ---American Life League (ALL), August 9, 2009

Catholic Charities USA, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and the Catholic Health Association have all thrown their weight behind (President Soetoro a/k/a) Obama's push for health care reform. In response, American Life League (ALL) exposes the Trojan Horse hidden in the bill that opens the way for abortion in the video embedded below. ALL is calling on Catholics and other Pro-Life proponents to demand that the bill be scrapped!

Following the video is a transcript of this important video. This video contains a great deal of ammunition for those who oppose the dastardly so-called health care reform bill and who want America to hold to a culture of life, rather than move even more toward a culture of death. Moving to secular socialism is exactly what this bill, euphemistically referred to as America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 or HR 3200, or ObamaCare, or the Euthanasia Bill, or the Abortion Bill, or Universal Healthcare, or Socialized Medicine, or Nationalized Medicine or Single Payer Healthcare, does.

“There is an awful lot of talk, and therefore an awful lot of confusion about the ObamaCare Health Reform Bill (HR 3200 - America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009) currently waiting a vote in Congress.

“Some say that the Bill will create universal taxpayer-funded abortions, while others say that abortion is nowhere to be found in the bill.

“Some claim that the bill will obtain optimal healthcare for everyone in the country. And there are those who say the bill is targeting the elderly and infirmed for an early grave.

“And as the name calling begins and the shouting ensues, organizations like Catholic Charities USA, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Catholic Health (hospitals) Association (CHA), and Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) are all working to rally support for (Soetoro aka) Obama’s reform of the healthcare system.

“But if you want to understand what is really happening you must have to bite the bullet and read the bill itself to get to the truth. [gregjaye: Something even most Congressman can’t or won’t do.]

“HR 3200, commonly referred to as ObamaCare (or Universal Healthcare, Socialized Medicine, Nationalized Healthcare or Single-Payer Healthcare), is over 1000 pages long. . . .

“The authors of the ObamaCare bill knew full well that any mention of abortion or Planned Parenthood [gregjaye: the biggest and billion-dollar abortion provider in America] would create an uproar from the majority Pro-Life population of the country. So they created a TROJAN HORSE.

Page 30, Section 123 creates yet another bureaucratic entity called the Health Benefits Advisory Committee whose job it is to define the benefits standards that any plan, public or private must contain. This committee, chaired by the Surgeon General, is the VEHICLE being created by Obama and his cronies, to claim that abortion is NOT in the ObamaCare Bill, while enabling them to [gregjaye: stealthily and conveniently] insert it into the Plan once it is passed

This is exactly why (Soetoro alias) Obama, Pelosi, and Peter Orszag have deliberately dodged whether abortion would be covered under the bill.

[The following are excerpts of video taped evidence showing how each dodged the issue.]

On Fox News Mike Wallace asked Peter Orszag (Director of Management and Budget) whether he was prepared to say government taxpayer-funded health insurance plan that no taxpayer money would go to pay for abortions. Orszag’s reply, “Ahhh, I think that will wind up being part of the debate. I am not prepared to say ahhh explicitly right now,

Pelosi: That’s not, that’s not, that’s not the issue. The issue is people go out there to . . .we’ll be working on that issue . . .

(Soetoro aka) Obama: You know, what I think is important at this stage is not trying to micromanage what benefits are covered . . .

Now you know why Henry Waxman held an emergency session late in the night to strike down the amendment that would bar the commission from being included abortion in the benefits.

“But the TROJAN HORSE Commission isn’t the only section hiding the culture of death.

“Pages 769-777 contain a section (Section 1714) “State Eligibility Option for Family Planning Services.” We all know that “family planning is code for birth control and abortion. So when the bill refers to “family Planning services” in “family planning settings,” we all know that the author is talking about ABORTION INDUSTRIALISTS like Planned Parenthood!

“Now, given this blatant attempt to sneak ABORTION into the package, you can understand why Catholics are OUTRAGED by the support that Catholic Charities USA, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Catholic Health Association (CHA) are giving ObamaCare.

"In their action alerts these groups told members and supporters:

The House of Representatives introduced a health care reform bill yesterday afternoon members of Congress are debating this week. . . . Your members of Congress need to hear form you that you SUPPORT healthcare reform, and that the system needs to be reformed now.

"The Catholic Health (Hospitals, etc.) Association (CHA) even produced a video, which begins with a a clip of (Soetoro aka) Obama rallying Congress to support his healthcare plan, and the de Paul Society posted the video on its website.

“Why? Why would Catholic Charities do this? Well guess what, 5 days after endorsing ObamaCare, Catholic Charities USA, got its first ever
federal contract worth $100 million dollars. In other words, JUDAS just got paid!"


I looked at all three Catholic organizations' websites, which ALL referred to in their video. I found evidence that on one side of their proverbial mouths they support current healthcare 'reform' and on the other they oppose any reform that includes abortion, conscience protection or senicide (euthanizing or premature killing of elderly). It is unclear where they really stand. It reminds me of the fuzzy positions of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) in terms of abortion and homosexuality under one of their former leaders Richard Cizak. You can read those articles here.


(1) Catholics need to call their Bishops and ask them to tell Catholic Charities, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, and Catholic Health Association (CHA) that they must NOT support or in any way support (Soetoro alias) Obama’s Death Care Bill . . . (see

(2) Everyone should call their Congressman and demand that they vote to scrap HR 3200.

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