Saturday, August 08, 2009

"Tell Me It Ain't So" Sotomayor

Hot Topics - A very so so Sotomayor

The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch newspaper runs a regular feature called the Hot Issue, where they ask their readers a question of interest and ask them to answer the question and comment on their answer. Here is their question of the day for this past Friday (yesterday) along with my answer.

Hot Issue:

Do you think Sonia Sotomayor will make a good Supreme Court justice?

___ Yes

_X_ No

My Response:

She is a Judicial Activist, who will ignore the original intent of the Constitution and the law and treat it as a ‘living document.’ She will look at international law and not at the Constitution solely. She appears to be a racist, having been affiliated with various racist organizations and her decisions seem to be prejudicial. She will limit first amendment rights of individuals. She opposes an individual’s right to own guns. She will support the expansion of both abortion ‘rights’ and the homosexual agenda. Other than this, she is a perfect candidate!

Seriously, her appointment and confirmation proves one thing, that elections have serious consequences. We elected a radical President, we get radical results.



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