Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Planned Parenthood Payout of 2009

Once again it’s time for Klanned Parenthood’s biennial multi-million dollar payout for their faithful support of the liberal, pro-abortion, establishment in Congress. This time Mike Pence barely even got a vote on his amendment to this Congress’ Department of Hell and Inhumane Services appropriations bill. Once again, his amendment failed and the bill passed easily.

I am disappointed that Ron Paul decided to abstain from the voting this time. I realize that Pence’s amendment is technically unconstitutional. You can’t, in a piece of legislation, single out a single person or organization. Bills of Attainder and ex post facto laws are forbidden by Article I section 9. (Liberals violate these provisions all the time.) But there comes a point in time when you’ve got to chose to save as many lives as you can and render as much justice as you can even if you have to violate the Constitution. It’s a sad state of affairs when you’ve reached that point. I have criticized Pence in the past for this and he never gave me a straight answer as to why he wouldn’t include ALL abortion providers in his amendment instead of Planned Parenthood only.

It is even more disappointing that RP also abstained on the bill itself. He has voted NO on these bills in the past. I am wondering if he is getting soft…

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