Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Here's How to Get the Birthers Off Your Back, Mr. President

An Open Letter to the Current Occupier of the White House
Alain's Newsletter sent me a copy of the following. It is a little hard to read so I transcribed it below. Also see this WND article, "Obama: Where have all his records gone?"

Mr. Obama:

We are tired of the Birthers claiming you are not eligible to serve as President of the United States.

Please do us all a favor, just to shut them up, and publicly release the following records:

· Original Birth Certificate – Long Form (not the Certificate of Life Birth, which is useless as identification even by the governments’ standards.)
· Kindergarten records.
· Punahou school records.
· Occidental College records.
· Columbia University records.
· Columbia thesis.
· Harvard Law School records.
· Harvard Law Review articles.
· Scholarly articles from the University of Chicago.
· Passport.
· Medical records.
· Files from his years as an Illinois state senator.
· Illinois State Bar Association records.
· Any baptism records.
· And adoption records.

Please do so immediately. By shoving these documents in their faces - it will make these so called BIRTHERS cringe in their seats and eat crow!

These should be made public record anyway as you are now the president of the united States and thy are owed to the public for posterity. They will end up in your Presidential library anyway.

Also, in this trying economy, it would be a great savings if you stopped spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys to PREVENT people from seeing your now HISTORICAL records.


- The American Public

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