Monday, August 31, 2009

Our mesmerizing president tries to sell US an elixir

Hope-Nosis or Hype-Nosis?

Under the Cover of a Backroom Deal, Written by William Warren, Wednesday, 26 August 2009, blog

"Excuse me, but weren't we just talking about health care?

"After scanning news this week, one might notice a startling dearth of health care stories making headlines. Surprisingly, for most media outlets--be they liberal, conservative, a major news network or a basement blog--stories regarding public options, death panels, Obama's waning support, insurance companies, and the like were nowhere to be found.

"Their absence might make the average news junkie feel like he's entered a non-parallel universe. But please don't be alarmed: it is entirely calculated.

"Simply put, it's not that health care is no longer newsworthy; it's just that Barack Obama is deliberately making his news bigger to block it out.

"As a self-described "gifted" orator, Mr. Obama has demonstrated a clear understanding and flawless execution of one of the most crucial strategies of effectively dominating the conversation: changing the subject when the discussion gets too uncomfortable. Health care, it seems, was becoming too difficult of a conversation for the gifted one to stomach . . ."

Read the rest of Mr. Warren's blog article here.

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