Friday, August 07, 2009

USSC Gets Sotomayor: Because Elections Have Consequences

Editorial: Corruption reaps corruption

George Voinovich and 8 other unprincipled RINOs voted to confirm a racist, activist, leftist jurist, Sonia Sotomayor, to be the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Voinovich epitomizes what spending a political lifetime in Washington can do to a citizen. As he nears the end of his long political career he no longer has to worry about getting reelected and he votes his true heart – a liberal-leaning, moderate, faux-conservative. Apparently this evidences the true character, the real George Voinovich.

Getting back to the Sotomayor confirmation, America will have to live with this very bad appointment for a very long time. Expect Sotomayor to be consistently on the wrong side of nearly every case that comes before the court starting when she takes her seat this fall.

Elections have consequences. America deserves this radical America-hating, liberty-limiting judge by electing a radical government-expanding, deficit-expanding, power-hungry leftist President. We got hope and change alright. However, we need an overdose of real hope and real change. We need hope that this nation will survive until the next election. And we need hope that it will endure the continued rapid and rabid attacks on our Representative Republican form of government, as well as this Leftist President's and Congresses' meticulous march toward a socialist state. And we need to


  1. wrong url for MoveOutCongress. Its ".com", not ".org"

  2. Lamar Alexander and Richard Lugar also betrayed us. Click here to for the full vote.