Thursday, August 20, 2009

Steve Driehaus Wavers on Healthcare Plan

Here are some urls for the healthcare townhall meeting in my district:

(The quality of the audio is poor.)

Driehaus is wavering on H.R. 3200. He is concerned about the way the plan is going to be paid for, but agrees with the basic principle of a “public option”. (But he also says doesn’t believe that the plan will add to the deficit. Huh?) He blames Reagan the Bush tax cuts for the deficit.

He says that if he does vote for it and it passes, he will go on the “public option” like everyone else. (Let’s be sure to hold him to it.) He is not fazed by the fact that people would have pay extra taxes if they refused to go on the plan.

He just doesn't get it that whole idea of government getting involved in healthcare is a bad idea. He argues that a "public option" is needed in markets where there is no competition. He doesn't get that government regulations have caused the lack of competition in these markets.

Even though he says he is against funding of abortion, but seems to shrug off the question and does not say that he wouldn’t vote for it if it does have any abortion funding in it. He doesn’t understand that we know that if taxpayer money is going into the hands of murders, it doesn’t matter whether or not the money is specifically allocated for that purpose. The result is the same.

Someone asked about funding of healthcare for illegal aliens. He responded by saying that there are already laws which force hospitals to admit illegals into emergency. He tells some story about an illegal alien pregnant woman and that no good Catholic would turn such a person away. Of course, it may be that no good Catholic would personally turn such a person away, but this has nothing to do forcing people to pay taxes for a government. And the healthcare bill being considered, would of course, provide healthcare for illegal aliens in non-emergency situations.

If you would like to send Mr. Driehaus your thoughts about this issue, write to him at:

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