Saturday, August 22, 2009

ObamaCare, itself, is “cruel” to elderly


MSNBC Host(ess) Nancy Synderman said that people who speculate about ObamaCare’s end of life counseling are ‘cruel.’

“Hey, you think that is cruel, try being subjected to it.”

- - NewsBusted,
Episode 8/21/09



I believe that end of life decisions should be left to the individual and to the family to determine how and when they will make those decisions. There are provisions in place that already assist persons to make those decisions. Certainly everyone should have the opportunity to face those important decisions. Often when a person enters the healthcare system they are asked if they have a living will or other advance directives. Most nursing facilities, gather that information upon admission. They usually provide the basic information or samples as to how to obtain advance directives. It think that the role of educating of persons should be left to such organizations as churches. They are better equipped to making ethical and moral decisions than any government bureaucrat.

Government has no place in requiring or in providing that information at taxpayer expense. The Medicare and Medicaid programs are already nearly bankrupt providing services never intended by those programs. Instead, services should be curtailed in an plan to make and keep those programs solvent.

End of life counseling is just another big-brother, big-government scheme to gain more control over our lives. Government should first gets its own house in order before it meddles in mine.

ObamaCare will be funded in a great part by taking funds currently provided to Medicare and redistributing them to illegal aliens and others determined by big-brother Barack to be more deserving. I say that is cruel. Persons who were productive their entire lives now would be denied needed services is cruel. Instead we should be grateful and honor them and not take them out into the woods to die, which in essence ObamaCare does. That is what really is cruel.

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