Monday, August 10, 2009

First Amendment Rights Violated at Post Office

Patriot Depot Bumper Sticker

Righting First Amendment Wrongs

Not only is the United States Postal Service a model of inefficiency, ineffectiveness and bloated bureaucracy, now it apparently allows blatant violations of the rights of conservatives and Christians. Do the supervisors have too much time on their hands? Maybe they need to find a job? Read the following story, which I saw today, what do you think?

Postal Worker denied First Amendment Rights

By: Jay Taylor

GROVE CITY, OH. A postal carrier who has served the United States Postal Service in Grove City, Ohio for 21 years recently sent an email to The Patriot Update claiming that his First Amendment rights are being denied. It all started when John (we’re protecting his real identity for now) displayed a couple of conservative bumper stickers from The Patriot Depot on his car. His supervisors demanded that he remove the stickers from his personal vehicle if he wanted to continue parking on the USPS employee lot.

Read the rest of the above article here.

In America in 2009 it is fashionable, tolerable, and very acceptable to mock, marginalize, discriminate against conservatives and Christians on any and every public and private venue. The hatred on the part of the Left is so vehement because they want to eradicate what they apparently perceive as the last barrier to implementing their full socialistic, Marxist, globalist agenda.

You see evidence of this in the John Freshwater case in Mount Vernon, Ohio. They not only want God out of the schools, but they want Christ-followers out, too. You also see a clear example of this in the opposition media's (ABC, AP, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, etc.) treatment or mistreatment of Sarah Palin ever since she set foot on the national stage. They want all godly, Christian, conservative and traditional, historical American values purged everywhere, from the public square to the kindergarten. The media, entertainment, education, even so-called mainline Churches (same-sex champion Episcopalian, Evangelical Lutheran, etc.) don't want anything to do with the God of the Judeo-Christian Bible or the conservative principles of the Founders.

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  1. Repeal the Hatch Act. Abolish the Post Office.