Saturday, August 08, 2009

Town Hall: Something's Happening Here

First I was an EXTREMIST,


then a member of an ANGRY MOB

Now see how the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) refers to me and "my kind":

TO: greg
DATE: August 7, 2009
SUBJECT: Town Halls

Dear Greg,

All week, FRINGE, FAR-RIGHT organizations funded by shady, unreported sources have been ginning up their SUPPORTERS to DISTRUPT Democratic town hall meetings. The goal: kill every attempt at health care reform and wound President Obama. One leaked memo written by a leader of the Tea Party Patriots tells protesters to "Watch for an opportunity to yell out. … The goal is to rattle him."

There has been a lot going on regarding Town Hall meetings around the country. Up until recently they have been very peaceable. People are angry, yes. But for the most part there was no violence. However, it seems that the success of the opponents of ObamaCare or Socialized Medicine have been having the upper hand and influencing the masses. The White House gave the Senators and Representatives their marching orders as to how to handle the 'terrorist, extremists' who dare to oppose the Dear Leader.

Check out the videos below and tell me that these people, who are opposed to ObamaCare, in the first two videos are terrorists, extremists, a mob, ‘Nazis’ etc. These videos are from a Town Hall meeting with U.S. Representative Tim Bishop of New York.

Part 1

Part 2

Now, contrast those videos above with what happened yesterday in St. Louis at Representative Russ Carnahan’s Health Care Town Hall meeting. Looks like the White House message to Democrats got some action. Looks, also, like the White House 'war room' sent its thugs to disrupt, counter, or ‘push back’ the 'terrorists, right wing extremists mob’ at Carnahan’s Town Hall meeting. Judge for yourself.

Black Conservative Beaten

And this from an eye witness of what when on at the same Town Hall in St. Louis .

Eye Witness Report of Union/ACORN Thuggery


The President, his handlers, and his minions in Congress seem to be running scared and are reverting to what they know best winning at all costs. As would-be global community organizer and alleged President, Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama, Saul 'Rules for Radicals' Alinsky would be proud of you!

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