Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bill Clinton’s Trip to North Korea

Clinton is making news for agreeing to meet with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il in exchange for the release of the two U.S. journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee from North Korea. But giving into threats in exchange for the release of hostages is not a wise move, in the opinion of former U.N. ambassador John Bolton.

"The symbolism of a former president going to meet with Kim Jong Il, I think is something that benefits Kim Jong Il a lot more than the United States and it only encourages others to do the same thing," he said. He goes on to speculate that Iran may be calling on him for a visit next.

I actually don’t agree with Bolton’s position on this issue. If all they want is to talk, and wrongfully convicted U.S. citizens can be released, then why not? If we were actually giving up something of value (a conversion with Bill Clinton is of little to me), then he would have a point. I certainly disagree with
Clinton’s policy of appeasement by foreign aid, but I don’t think that making threats against North Korea are in order either. The whole thing is overblown by both sides and the MSM.

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