Sunday, August 23, 2009

Abortionsts are domestic terrorists, a response

Jessica Rodgers has left comment recently on my post "Abortionists Qualify as Domestic Terrorists." It deserves a thoughtful response, which I try to provide in this article.

Wow, I didn't realize there were so many ignorant, racist people left in this country in this day and age. The first biracial president (at least the first with visible and known African ancestry) and his citizenship is questioned and you call him a Marxist. Not that there's anything wrong with Marxism, it's a theory and like other theories (democracy, laissez faire capitalism), it doesn't come out as well in reality as on paper, due to the human element (greed, imperfection, powerlust, etc.) But it's a scare trigger word and that's the only reason it's being applied.
Just because I disagree with just about everything the new president has done and am diametrically opposed to his social, fiscal and foreign policy does not mean I am a racist. You appear to be taking one of the talking points of the Democratic Party and Rahm Emanuel . . . What does race got to do with having a differing worldview? Marxism, statism, or socialism is an ideology of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro and Chavez. It has failed everywhere it has been tried, yet the elite in control in Wastingaton, DC insist they know their brand will work. Well, it won’t.

The abortion lobby, as it's called here, doesn't threaten to go around killing women with coat hangers. Desperate women without access to safe, hygienic, affordable abortions inadvertently killed themselves with coat hangers (or poison, or self-inflicted injuries/falls, etc.) for decades before Roe granted privacy and self-determination rights to women.
Abortionists like the late George Tiller disrespect life. They are Pro-Death. They go about killing babies for a 'living,' and in the process many woman are hurt, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The abortion industry, especially Planned Parenthood refuse to recognize the many side affects beyond the death of the baby. Abortion is immoral, wrong and evil no matter what black-robed terrorists or leftist politicians claims.

The only people I've seen trying to "threaten, bully and scare people" are the anti-abortion ("pro-life" is a misnomer, only certain life is valued by people in that movement) terrorists who bomb women's clinics and stalk doctors and patients. There are so many poor, unwanted children who are never adopted -- because they are brown or too old. Would that the energy and "re$ource$" wasted on terrorizing women about their most private decision be rerouted to aid and adopt all the children who are already here and need a home, a family, love and support.
If the term Pro-Life is a misnomer to those that want to protect the individual personhood of every human being, and it most definitely is not, but what people refer to as “Pro-choice” which can more accurately and truthfully be ascribed as Pro-Death. What “Choice” does an innocent human being, denied his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, have in the matter? None. The baby is the primary victim in abortion, not the woman.

I personally don't think I could have an abortion. I also recognize that I've been fortunate enough that birth control has never failed and I've never been raped. Nevertheless, it's not my right to decide what all other women do with their bodies, nor is it any of your business. That goes especially for people who are on this bandwagon because they assume everyone does or should share their religion. FYI, Christians are a religious minority in the world and only have the numbers they do by invading other countries and forcing Christianity (and I include Catholics, as they worship Christ and were the root of modern Christianity) on natives, while so-called "Christians" enslaved them and stole their resources.
Jessica, you say birth control has worked for you and you have never been raped, but what about the child who was conceived in a rape, why do you insist in punishing him by sentencing him or her to death? Why not punish the perpetrator of the crime, make him pay for the health care and support of the child?

Jessica, America is not just another nation, we are exceptional. We were birthed as a Christian, God-honoring nation. Abortion goes against every principle and value and virtue that is dear to our founding and fundamental rights as delineated in our Declaration of Independence.

American prisons are full enough, we're the worst industrialized nation in those terms. The last thing the world needs are more unwanted, unloved children.
Would all 50 million aborted boys and girls end up in prison? I don't think so. There could have been another George Washington or Thomas Jefferson among those victims of the American Holocaust. And why are our prison full? One reason is that we have allowed illegal aliens to invade our nation practically unhindered. President Bush claimed that the illegals are needed to do jobs Americans are unwilling to do. I don't believe that. We would have had more than adequate workforce had we not 'legalized' the killing of innocents.

Furthermore, our schools have stopped teaching Judeo-Christians principles and values. God has been removed from the classroom and the public square. Secular humanism, the false notion that man is the master of the universe and an is an enlightened being capable of anything is a lie for hell itself, it has replaced Christianity. It is a sorry substitute for the truth.

Like the current occupier of the White House you, Jessica, sound like an America-hater. What the world needs is love, the love of God as expressed by and through true Christ-followers. It is only through the power of the resurrected Christ and personal relationship with him, that man can ever hope to achieve a restored relationship with God. Man is fallen. Man is inherently evil and sinful by nature. Man cannot bring himself up by his bootstraps to make himself right with the God of the universe. It is only through the life, death, and risen power of Jesus Christ that man can be redeemed. Our Forefathers knew this. Without faith it is impossible to please God. We must come to believe in Jesus Christ, who, as God paid the ultimate price for our redemption or salvation or restoration. Jesus is the ONLY hope of the world. The change that is required is a change of heart, not a change to accept a socialist-based society.

The hope and change of any (false) messiah, like our current president has been made out to be by his adoring fans and worshipper in the press and media, is merely empty rhetoric. What we need is individual repentance and/or revival. That is the only hope and change America needs.


  1. Thank you for your timely post (I am always amazed by how the keeps happening), Jeremiah Films is starting to get some notoriety for the posts on Obamacare. I've quoted your post ... "Just because I disagree with just about everything the new president has done and am diametrically opposed to his social, fiscal and foreign policy does not mean I am a racist." and placed it on the top of the category:

  2. A further response to Jessica's comments:

    There is actually a great shortage of adoptable children in this country. People are resorting to in vitro fertilization and surrogate motherhood. Others are falling for internet scams. Some are resorting even to illegal schemes to get children that they can adopt.

    Secondly, the coat-hanger issue is an extreme exaggeration. Far more women die and have complications from legal abortions than when abortion was illegal.

    But even if these things weren't true, legalizing murder is totally unacceptable.

    Finally, I agree that Obama is NOT a Marxist. If was, he could never be President because Marxism calls for the death of all government officials. The correct term for someone who believes that the distinction between corporations and government should be lost is "fascist". He is also a Socialist.