Sunday, August 30, 2009

Teddy Kennedy’s Legacy, Part 1 – Mary Jo, Advancing Hate Crimes Law, the Homosexual Agenda & Abortion

Sam and gregjaye respond to comments made recently by a reader of this blog, peter wassink, to the article, "Senator Kennedy Schemes to Pass “Hate Crimes” Law"

What is "pro-homosexual hate crimes language"? I think you mean language that in its description of hate crimes includes the crime of attacking or even killing people for their sexual orientation. I wonder if you could explain why you think such a crime is not a hate crime. Something doesn't quite add up in your position.

You want to see this crime category dropped, and as an argument for this you suggest the murder of Matthew Shepard was not a hate crime at all.

You seem to argue that this crime category does not exist?

So are you saying that there are no people that want to hurt gay people because of their sexual orientation?

As history learns us, violence towards groups in our society often originates from fear. Are you saying there are no people that fear homosexuality?Because that is not true, many people in America fear homosexuality, you yourself are an example, you seem to have great fear for the 'homosexual agenda'

I believe fear of homosexuality comes from a combination of ignorance and sexual

I'm a straight guy from Amsterdam and from experience i can tell you homosexuals are people just like you and me.

Actually, all crimes are. in one way or another, hate crimes. First, it is hatred for God and secondly, it is hatred for the other person. Capital punishment, however, is not a hate crime. In some situations God calls for it. Homosexually is one of those circumstances. If a particular society accepts the homosexual life style as an acceptable way of behavior and does not stop it, then clearly according the truth found in God’s Word, the Judeo-Christian Bible, that society will be destroyed.

People are not at all afraid of the homosexuality itself, but rather the ruin God can bring on a society for not having stopped the practice of homosexuality in the society. The promise of God is this, “The land in which that society lives will cast out the people of the land.” The promise is sure and non-homosexuals do not want to be cast out of the land in which they live.

Love, must be sincere; hate what is evil. Homosexuality itself is evil and those who do not hate it do not love. God says woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Righteous people are an abomination to the wicked, and the wicked people are and abomination to the righteous.

God said: He would put hatred between the children of Satan (the serpent in the Garden of Eden) and the children of Eve.

Hate crime legislation, in actuality, is the children of Satan outlawing the children of Eve. If you approve of hate crime legislation you are going to hell. So that is why Edward Kennedy died this week and unless he had a bedside conversion and repented of his sins and turned to God, he went to his eternal reward, that is to hell and is now in torment.

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