Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vacant (U.S. Representative Zach) Space

Signs of the Times

(Zanesville, Ohio AGC News) The first sign of the times is another spontaneous TEA Party/Town Hall event (minus the Representative!), which I attended and which was held at US Congressman Zach Space's District Office in Zanesville this afternoon (Thursday). Standing in front of the wayward representative's office, approximately 50-75 patriot-protesters with handmade signs protested Space’s disinterest in hearing from We the People as well as Space’s vote on Cap and Trade (the Waxman-Markey Bill). He appears to be one of those whimpering blue dog Democrats running scared of the angry deranged kitty, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He is also expected to vote for the so called Health Care Reform Bill (ObamaCare or America's 'Affordable' Health Care Plan of 2009). During this afternoon protest, it was announced that Space was schmoozing with a private party in Gambier, Ohio. How convenient. He is one of those Congressman this summer who is avoiding face to face confrontation with many of his ‘extremist' (translate that patriotic, conservative Americans) constituents. You can run, Zachary, but you won’t get elected . . . Coach Dave Daubenmire gave a poignant, provocative, patriotic, and passionate message about the historical and Christian foundation of America. A brief excerpt of his talk is included in the above embedded video.

The second sign is that the word is spreading. Even businesses are becoming emboldened to voice their concerns. As I was driving out of Zanesville a sign caught my eye and I just had to take a picture or two. The two photos in this article are two sides of the same sign seen as you travel down Maple Street in downtown Zanesville, Ohio.

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Article updated 8/20/09

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