Wednesday, August 12, 2009

U.S. Rep. John Boccieri, a close shave

All the local dignitaries, maybe a 100 or so people in all, came to the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Barbasol (shaving lotion) plant in Ashland, Ohio. There were at least two state representatives and one state senator present along with U.S. Congressman John Boccieri. In addition there were two dozen or so patriots, many were members of local area tea party groups.

The protesters and their signs were there to bring to Boccieri’s attention as well as the public’s attention our grave concern for his yes vote for the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade (Tax) Bill as well as his planned vote for ObamaCare, H.R. 3200, America's Affordable Health Care Act of 2009.

As I passed a group of gentlemen along the side of the road I heard one mention “local rightwingers” in describing the group of folks on the opposite side of the street from the dedication ceremonies for the new Barbasol plant. The protesters were very respectful and were very happy that a new American plant was coming to the area. They were not so happy about what Boccieri is doing and about to do in Congress . . . Unlike the two state representatives and the state senator, Boccieri did not approach the protesters, like many Democrat politicians they would rather not face the unpleasant music.

Boccieri is one of many, if not all in Congress, that must be pink slipped in 2010 (see

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  1. Patriot765:16 PM

    Thank you for writing about our event. There was actually two state Senators and two State Representatives that came over and spoke with us. I was very proud of the crowd and I am equally proud that a new plant is being built in Ashland that will bring much needed jobs to the area. Thanks to all who came out to voice their opposition to Congressman Boccieri