Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bush: TARP Saved The Economy

Look at Bush saying that TARP was necessary for the country just like Obama saying that he pulled the country back from the brink.  In the wake of the midterm election results, Obama is now saying that it was his fault for not explaining that the spending wouldn't go on and on, but that this was all just temporary fix to get us back on track.  But the cost of Obamacare is not a one time payment.  If we don't repeal it, we will have to keep paying for the added bureaucracy and decrease in quality of care year after year.  The same is true with TARP.  Once we start bailing out corporations, this will lead to the "need" for more bailouts because it further encourages the same mismanagement of investments and shady deals.  Don't believe Bush and don't believe Obama either.  Don't buy their books!

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