Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. Speaker!

November 17, 1949

I listen to WJR radio, 760 AM, which is out of Detroit,  many mornings. I enjoy listening to the strongly conservative MidnightTrucking Radio Show. Paul W. Smith’s Radio Show follows MidnightTrucking during the 5 o’clock hour and beyond. He identifies the names of people who have birthdays each day. Today, however,  he skipped over two important birthdays. He skipped over mentioning the birthday of the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and he skipped my birthday. I share the same birthday with Congressman Boehner, who is also from Ohio. I guess I could understand not recognizing me, but Congressman Boehner?

Congressman Boehner has a daunting task the next two years in leading the Republican majority in the House to turn back the fiscally and otherwise irresponsible legislation perpetrated by the terrible Soetoro/Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate. He has the tough job of dealing with the deficit and the growing national debt.

Here are some important questions that must be answered during the course of the next two years, otherwise there will be another upheaval in the 2012 Election:

·                    Will Boehner and the conservative Republicans be able to deal with the vehement and vociferous demands of a large block of people, organizations, and bloated government bureaucrats now so used to living off the taxpayers’ virtual teat?

·                    Will he and the conservatives be able to satisfy the newly empowered, enlightened and awoken Tea Party participants’ veracious and virtuous expectations?

·                    Will he and the conservatives be able to curb our obese government’s vile and voracious appetite for spending and for more power and control?

·                    Will the new speaker along with the conservatives be able to facilitate victory in Afghanistan despite the unwillingness and lack of support of the Democrats to do so?

·                    Will he and the 212th Congress be able to really do something about the voluminous hoards of illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists crossing our unsecured borders?

·                    Will he the more conservative Congress be able to repeal and replace, or at least not fund, the verbose and the vitriolic ObamaCare legislation, which is fundamentally the socialistic vehicle to control the lives of the masses?

He has one sure thing going for him. Boehner has the backing of the majority of the American people, who are right of center and not far left of center like the Democrat-led Congressional super-majority of non-Representatives of the one hundred and worst (actually, the 111st) Congress, which is currently in lame duck session. That Congress woefully failed to listen to the people, and thankfully many of their membership were unceremoniously fired last week!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Speaker!


  1. Congratulations, Mr. Boehner -

    (1) FoxBusiness FOXBusiness
    by foxnews
    According to our DC Bureau, Boehner is now referred to as "Speaker Designate" or "Speaker-Elect" -Pelosi remains Speaker until next yr

    (2) foxnewspolitics foxnewspolitics
    Republicans vote for John Boehner to be House speaker in next Congress

    Some birthday present, aye?

    God bless you, Mr. Boehner!