Monday, November 15, 2010

It’s Lame Duck Season

This week begins what could be more destructive legislation by a lame duck Congress and a lame duck President. I say lame duck President, because for all practical purposes this ideologue will not seek the middle road with the new Republicans in Congress, he will stand firm and maneuver even further left, if that is possible. The Democrats, it will be shown, are slow learners. As I said before, this is the last hoorah of the controversial and increasingly unpopular President and his sidekick Speaker of the House Pelosi. Gridlock will be the best that can be hoped for in stopping the grand socialist agenda of the current regime and current Congress.

Looking at the next few weeks, here is what we can expect from this last ditch effort of the 111th Congress to seal the legacy of Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi, less-of-a-majority leader Harry Reid, and the one-term President Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama:

·                    Attempted passage of Amnesty in Disguise (the DREAM Act)

·                    Attempted repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

·                    Attempted repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act

·                    Attempted passage of Card-Check granting additional rights to unions to organize

·                    Attempted passage of Cap and Trade energy legislation which would increase how much a family pays to heat its home and drive their automobiles.

·                    Allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire

·                    Removal of current protections against unethical human embryonic experimentation

See my previous article concerning what the mandate of the 112th Congress should be to counteract or overturn the destructive policies of this administration and the 111th Congress. 

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