Saturday, November 27, 2010

Liberal Sen. Lisa Murkowski is a loser even if she wins!

This morning reports, “Senator Lisa Murkowski is trying to intervene in the lawsuit brought earlier this week by her Tea Party-backed opponent Joe Miller. Ms. Murkowski’s lawyers claim that if she isn’t sworn in on Jan. 3 Alaska will be left with only one senator and she will lose her seniority.

Honestly, if Joe Miller does not pull out this win, I would not mind at all that Senator Lisa Murkowski would “lose her seniority.” Why? Because she will side with the liberal Democrats and the RINOs more often than not. At the minimum, I hope she does lose her seniority. More than that I hope that she loses the election and that rampant fraud and foul play will be discovered in the Alaskan election process. 

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