Monday, November 29, 2010

Freezing the Pay of Government Workers?

Isn't that what Democrat Representative William 'cold cash' Jefferson of Louisiana, did, by stashing his cash in his freezer? Is that what the President means by freezing the pay of government workers? No, maybe not.

But, why stop at freezing the bloated salaries of the government worker? Why not a serious pay cut across the board, say 20-25% until the budget is balanced. That may be a good start. "Freezing their salaries," when I heard it, caused me to think, "Big deal, is that all you got, Mr. President?" What a sacrifice!

Oh, and Mr. President, what about eliminating 20 or 30 of your unconfirmed, unaccountable czars? That alone would save the taxpayer a cool $3 mill! 

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