Saturday, November 27, 2010

Diversity versus assimilation

Caption: "The Mortar of Assimilation--And the One Element that Won't Mix"
Source: Puck
Date: June 26, 1889
Artist: C.J. Taylor

"The accompanying Puck editorial asks "What is an American?" In response, it answers that an American is the assimilation of all immigrants who settled in this country, and urges everyone to be American, American born or American made. ..."  Source

Here is a comment made on the's National Politics Forum several weeks ago. “Diversity is good. Anyone who is not in favor of it is a racist.” It generated some good commentary, but was quickly purged for political correctness reasons, I presume.

My response, before the entire thread was purged, was that Assimilation is better. To respect and adhere to America’s founding principles, values embodied in the Constitution, and other original intent of the documents is the key to assimilation. Too much of the current regime’s and the now lame duck 111th Congresses’ agenda and legislation has been aimed at fostering the balkanization of America. Using bilingual signage and instructions in government offices is counter productive and encourages disunity instead of unity and assimilation. Oklahoma citizens this fall got it right by banning any implementation of Islamic sharia law or any international law in that state. Ohio and the rest of the nation should imitate the wise actions of the Okies. 

In regard to that drawing above, could that man standing on the rim of the citizenship bowl be representative of illegal immigration and Islamic radicalism that tragically are making such inroads into American society today? 
Assimilation is always the best route. Those who refuse to assimilate should be denied the rights and privileges of citizenship. 

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  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    i love the photo i think it is very true of many countries.