Monday, November 01, 2010

Election 2010: Why Christians Should Vote

Hat tip goes to Dr. Gary L. Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission for the following content, which he sent to me via email.

There are many reasons why people will be voting this Tuesday. Some vote out of a desire to do their civic duty, others vote to promote or oppose some candidate or special interest.

But, as Christians, our reasons should be different. By voting we should be seeking to glorify God with our participation in the political process.

We know we will account to God for all of our life. That includes how we vote, so we must vote with biblical discernment and prayerful consideration. As those who enjoy the benefits of religious liberty and freedom to proclaim the gospel, we should be actively engaged as good stewards of these rights by voting for those who support our freedom.

Make sure you vote this Tuesday.

Click here to find a voter guide for your local election.


Top 10 Reasons Why Christians Should Vote:


1. Voting publicly recognizes that we submit to the authority of the political system in our nation as established by God. Romans 13:1-7

2. Voting recognizes the equality of all people and their right to speak and be heard. James 2:1

3. Voting is one way that we can obey God’s command to seek the good of those around us and our nation as a whole. Philippians 2:3

4. Voting shows that we care deeply about who our leaders are as we are urged to offer prayer and intercession on their behalf. 1 Timothy 2:1, 2

5. Voting is a simple yet significant way we can do something about politics in our nation. ‘All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing, Edmund Burke. Psalms 34:14

6. Voting makes a difference in the same way a grain of salt makes a difference and that is how we are to influence our society for good. Matthew 5:13

7. Voting is a privilege not to be taken for granted. Those of us who reap the benefits of living in a democracy should play a part in upholding democracy.

8. Not voting is a form of voting, as it will influence the outcome. We need to take responsibility for our actions, as well as our lack of actions. I Peter 1:13

9. Voting is part of our stewardship to use all the resources we have been given in ways that honor God; to waste a vote is to squander a gift.

10. Voting is Biblical. Jesus commands us to fulfill our responsibility to the civil authority. Matthew 22:21


*Source: Adapted from Let Freedom Ring, Inc. which referred to original source: “Factfile: Top Ten Reasons to Vote” by Kandiah Krish in “Just Politics.”

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  1. That's a good way to put it, especially the salt example and the nonvoting is voting. God didn't command any of us to be passive. Idle words will be judged and idleness.