Monday, November 15, 2010

President's Wasted Asian Jaunt

"... The (11/9/10 Indonesian) speech was also to focus on what (Soetoro aka) Obama said were shared values of religious tolerance and unity in diversity ..." from USA Today 11/10/10 article, "Obama: Indonesia, U.S. 'on right path.' page 5A.

This controversial and increasingly unpopular President just doesn't get it, does he? No. He refuses to admit that we are at war with Islam and the terrorists that religious-militaristic-political system fosters and encourages. 

A non-Muslim cannot set foot in Mecca. A Christian may not practice his or her faith in the typical Islamic state. Conversion from Islam to Christianity, or to any other faith for that matter subjects a person to punishment up to and including death. Islamists come to the United States and misuse our freedoms and liberties to perpetuate their cruel, hate filled creed. 

When will this deluded and/or deceitful President ever come to grips with reality and/or the lie about Islam that he perpetrates? 


  1. Anonymous7:01 AM

    im sorry, but you are wrong .
    im christian and i live in a middle eastern country, qatar. they let me practice my faith peacefully and there are one or two churches as well.
    conversion from islam to christianity is not death punishment or anywhere near; the person may just be looked down upon by other muslims.

    terrorism is also against their religion. being part of this community helped me realize that muslims are actually embarrassed to be known as the same religion as other terrorists.
    president obama has thought this over and he has more experience than you. you may have different opinions but you can try to understand. some people have better understanding than you.


  2. Anonymous7:06 AM

    also , i forgot to mention, non-muslims are allowed to enter mecca.
    however , they are not allowed to visit that holy mosque place . this is because of previous incidents.
    google it to expand your knowledge and understanding. also, kids and people in qatar are taught to respect all religions, even jews.

    "islamists" is the wrong word. "terrorists" is the right word. and not all muslims are terrorists and Obama understands this.


  3. Anonymous7:12 AM

    sorry to bother you again , but please look at this.
    it supports what your saying.

    why is Obama supporting muslims ? bcz not all muslims are terrorists. maybe he wants to seem like he is on their side and therefore calm them into knowing that the West means no harm?