Saturday, November 20, 2010

Janet Napolitano: Profile This, With Love, Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter gave a speech at John Hopkins University, here is a very interesting  2+ minute video clip of that speech. Hat tip to where I came across the video.

In the video Coulter highlights the incidents of terrorism on American interests at home and abroad between the 1979 Iranian Embassy hostage situation and the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11/01. There were quite a few of them. All of them were conducted by MUSLIM EXTREMISTS!

Coulter concludes, “…100% of the terrorist attacks on U.S. airlines for twenty years have been committed by MUSLIMS. When there is a 100% chance, it ceases to be a PROFILE. It’s called a DESCRIPTION OF THE SUSPECTS

Are you listening Janet Napolitano? Obviously not. For foolhardy political correctness reasons you treat every American as a suspect. You waste resources on identifying and dealing with the real suspects - those who practice a radical form of Islam here and abroad. Start profiling and stop hassling, with unwarranted and unconstitutional searches and seizures, the American people!

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