Saturday, November 20, 2010

Joe Miller fights on in contentious Alaskan election

For a Conservative Congress


Below is a portion of the actual order from Judge Ralph Beistline, US District Judge, in response to Joe Miller’s preliminary injunction filed to halt the certification of the election in Alaska for U.S. Senate. Judge Beistline granted the request pending Miller’s continued pursuit of the issue in the Alaskan state court system.

“…this matter is hereby STAYED so that the parties may bring this dispute before the appropriate State tribunal. The Court shall retain jurisdiction pursuant too Pullman and will remain available to review any constitutional issues that may exist once the State remedies have been exhausted. In order to ensure that these serious State law issues are resolved prior to certification oof the election, the Court hereby conditionally GRANTS Planintiff’s motion to enjoin certification of the election. If an action is filed in State Court on or before November 22, 2010, the results of this election shall not be certified until the legal issues raised therein have been fully and finally resolved.”

I have been following closely the news about this extremely important election. We really need Joe Miller’s conservative voice. Likewise, we most definitely do not need liberal Lisa Murkowski's voice and vote in the Reid-led Senate. At best she is a RINO, at worst she is an ally in the camp of the Soetoro/Obama-Reid-Pelosi nightmare team.


I sincerely hope and pray that Joe Miller is victorious in this critical election. In some respects it would reverse the debacle that occurred in another close election in Minnesota that brought us Al “not so funny” Franken to the hallowed halls of Congress.

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