Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miller-Murkowski Race: Rampant fraud needs to be reamed out of Alaska

Jon Christian Ryter wrote an article, “Fraud Remains the Benchmark of Alaskan Elections,” today, which I found at www.FloydReports.com. I have been following the Miller-Murkowski election and its aftermath closely because I see it as very important to the health and welfare of our nation. We do not need another liberal RINO gumming up the works. A McCain is already one too many!

Ryter penned, “The American people need to pay attention to the most important political race in the nation. There’s a real vote fraud story going on in Alaska. Lawyers for the Tea Party‘s GOP US Senate nominee, Joe Miller have now filed enough lawsuits over the write-in vote dispute in the land of the midnight sun to bring Miller v. Murkowski into the courtrooms even though the AP, on Nov. 17, said the race is over and Sen. Lisa Murkowski was the winner. Shortly after the election Miller set up a vote fraud hotline to report what the Miller Campaign called “serious allegations of fraud and voter bullying.” As they have all over the country, reports alleging both vote fraud and voter bullying in Alaska began to surface shortly after the election . . .

Read the entire article here.

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