Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey, HHS Secretary Janet Napolitano: Scan This

Instead of subjecting millions of innocent Americans, including grandmothers and grandfathers, airline pilots and personnel, Roman Catholic nuns, etc. Why not take a serious look in what is in the book - the Koran. You will discover that it is the source of real terror. It provides the Islamic terrorists with the ammunition and motivation to do what they do - cause terror, hate, death, and destruction. It is the core, the root cause of terrorism. Let's recognize and deal with this reality!

Our government may not think we are at war with Islam. But we hide our heads in the sands of Saudi Arabia and Iran, if we don't take seriously the fact that Islam is at war with America and any free people. For heaven's sake, even the word "Islam" means submission. Ostensibly submission to god, but in reality submission to Islam - the political, militaristic, religious system!  Until we recognize this reality, we waste our resources, our energy, like trying to fight the wind. Like socialism or communism, Islam wants to control the world. Islam, like government, is not the solution, it is the problem. 

Furthermore, we need to stop our foolhardy reverence for and paying homage to the political correctness god and wake up to the fact that Islam is a growing threat to America. The Ground Zero Mosque insults America and the 3,000 people murdered by Muslim fanatics. 

Muslim leaders, such as the Ground Zero Imam, use our liberties and freedoms against us. They take advantage our our open and free society to propagandize their religion of hatred and intolerance, offering it to be something it is not. The people of Oklahoma saw this and voted overwhelming in a pro-active manner to prevent any adaption or recognition of Sharia Law or International Law in their state. Good for them. They got it right. There should be a movement across America to reject any subversion or supplanting of the Constitution or America's founding principles and values. Like it or not America was founded as a Christian nation. 

Unfortunately, secular humanism has been deliberately and incrementally tearing down the foundation of American exceptionalism. Secular humanism has effectively destroyed our education system. Islamic fundamentalists gladly join the secularists' cause as it helps them to accomplish their own ends. I did a quick search on the Internet and found a article, "Permanence, Change, and American Exceptionalism"and a article, "An Exceptional Debate, The Obama administration’s assault on American identity," which referred to one definition of American exceptionalism:

The late Seymour Martin Lipset defined it as liberty, equality (of opportunity and respect), individualism, populism, and laissez-faire economics. The creed combines with other aspects of the American character — especially our religiousness and our willingness to defend ourselves by force   — to form the core of American exceptionalism. 

 Let's do all we can individually and collectively to turn back the advances of the anti-American humanists and Islamists. They are both equally dangerous enemies of liberty and extreme advocates of tyranny.

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