Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lame Duck Congress To-Do it to US list, part 2

This is the second of a two-part series discussing some of the bills that will be taken up by the lame duck Congress between now and Christmas. You can review part 1 here.

Here are two more large ticket items that we can expect that this miserable radical-left led 111st Congress will try to pass between now and Christmas:
·                    ·                  The nightmarish DREAM Act rises its ugly head once more. Commenting on this dastardly disguised amnesty legislation, the folks at TeaPartyNation.com wrote in an email to me, “This week shows the utter contempt the liberals in Congress have for the American people.  Despite the fact the American people sent the word back, through the elections, in no uncertain terms, we do not want their agenda; the liberals are dead set on pushing it through in their final gasp.” The obstinate Harry Reid led Senate sometime this week is going to take up the DREAM act again. Once more we must do all we can to stop it.  

If you have missed the features of this disastrous bill, they include:

Illegals under 35 (at least for now), can apply for legal status if they have a high school diploma or a GED and have enrolled in an “institution of higher learning.”

They have to only complete “two years” of a program and they have eight years to get that done. 

Once they complete this two-year program, then they are eligible for citizenship. 

If the illegal cannot complete his two-year program within eight years, they can apply for a waiver if they show their deportation would cause a hardship to a family member, a permanent US resident or to THEMSELVES!

Any information the illegal provides cannot be used against them for deportation proceedings!

Just by APPLYING for the DREAM act, all deportation proceedings are stopped.

Even worse, illegal alien criminals are not excluded from the DREAM act.  They can participate, even if they have committed felonies in America

And once someone is legalized under this measure, they can legalize all the members of their families to come to America.

·                    ·                    S 510, the so-called food safety bill will try to be passed by the Democrat led Congress. This bill is just another grab for power to control the food supply and limit the rights of the people. Like ObamaCare it is an intrusion in an area that may need some reform, but not the massive revamping called for by this bill. It could impact the local farmer’s market or our own vegetable gardens.

Diana Katz on the RepublicanAmerican website wrote, “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., reportedly is pursuing a vote on a massive expansion of food regulation. Proponents contend the very security of America's food supply is at stake. Rhetoric aside, the nation's food supply has never been safer, thanks largely to technological advances and market forces. Consequently, granting vast new powers to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would raise the cost of food without increasing consumer protection.” 

I like Katz's conclusion which could sum up much of what will be attempted during this unpleasant present lame duck session of Congress, "The Reid bill clearly contradicts the message sent by voters just three weeks ago: Americans do not want and cannot afford more unnecessary regulation and expansion of government. This proposal constitutes a costly and ineffective answer to a manufactured crisis."

You can read her entire article, “Food safety bill a bad idea” here.

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