Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election 2010: Losers, Winners, & What Now?

updated 11-6-10 with insertion of another winner, Oklahoma ...

Ever since the 2006 Election I have been increasingly interested in the politics. 2006 was the year the American electorate rejected another president, George W. Bush, and what he and his Republican Congress was doing and not doing. In Ohio the then Senator Mike DeWine, the ‘moderate’ Republican was running for re-election as a fake conservative and was beaten by a seething socialist, Sherrod Brown. That got my attention. Both the inferior candidate that the Republicans offered, as well as the typical liberal fare served up of late by the Democrats.

Fast forward to 2010, 2 years of a very liberal socialist regime, which followed a compromised ‘compassionate conservative’ Bush, TARP, nationalization of banking, insurance and automobile industries, a near trillion dollar Stimulus bill, earmarks galore, ObamaCare, mishandling of the Gulf oil crisis, etc. I joined the national wave of Tea Party Movement and Town Halls which reacted to the above named destructive policies and legislation. The General Election of 2010 was referred to correctly as the Ultimate Tea Party. The people made their voice heard to a deaf Congress.

Who were the winners and the losers in this election?


California. In a state already in disarray and debt ridden, the stupid electorate chose hippie Jerry Brown over marijuana. They chose the very liberal and very pompous Senator Barbara “please don’t call me ma’am” Boxer as their Senator. Most likely Brown will follow Joe Biden’s unseemly advice and try to spend his way out of the terrible economic crisis this once proud and prosperous state in which it is immersed. The voters in the Los Angeles area also rejected a conservative jewel, Star Parker, in her race for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. I sincerely hope that the 112th and future Congresses will hold firm on NOT offering this foolish state any bailout assistance for their foolhardy fiscal irresponsibility.

Nevada. Likewise, a state burdened by a 14% unemployment rate, caused to a great degree by the policies and the legislation pushed and passed by the Harry Reid led Democratic Congress, voted to renew the employment contract of this royal mis-manager of America’s and Nevada’s resources. By voting to retain this little liberal tyrant, they told him to continue his destructive ways for six more years! They turned down a forthright conservative Sharron Angle, who would have brought fiscal and social integrity to the Congress.

Colorado. I am certainly glad I moved from Colorado when I did years ago. First, the people rejected the Pro-Life Personhood Amendment. They denied the basic right to life for human beings from the moment of the conception. This is a clear violation of God’s law, which transcend Roe v. Wade or any other man-made law. That alone would bring shame on the people of Colorado. They also rejected Tom Tancredo as their governor. Here is a man who as a conservative concerned about the growing illegal alien invasion which continues across our unsecured borders. Instead they elevate the Mayor of Denver, a sanctuary city, to the powerful position of Governor.

To add insult to injury in the race for U.S. Senator, Ken Buck fell 1 point short of victory. Buck is a true conservative. His opponent told KUNC radio, “People don't want to eliminate government, and they don't want big government. They want an efficient, effective government that works hard for them or gets out of the way." Then why in God's green earth would they elect you, Senator Bennet one who walks in lock step with that terrible triumvirate Soetoro/Obama-Pelosi-Reid?


Iowa. The good people of Iowa tossed out the three Supreme Court Justices that voted to permit Homosexual Marriage. What a statement. That kind of gutsy response just never happens. Well it did, and thank God that it did! Can you hear US now? The people of Iowa also returned Chuck Grassley to the U.S. Senate by an almost 2 to 1 margin. Grassley is a key Pro-Life supporter in the Senate.

Ohio. The governorship, the U.S. Senate seat, all the statewide offices including Auditor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer and a bunch of seats in the U.S. House went to the Republicans. Blue dog Democrat Zach Space, along with Democrats John Boccieri, Mary Jo Kilroy, and Steve Driehaus all were fired. Good job Ohio! Ohio is now very very red, to match the anger and frustration of its electorate.

Oklahoma.Oklahomans had a ballot issue banning any form of Sharia Law or International Law being recognized in their state. It passed with 70% of the vote!. Thank you, Oklahoma! That ballot should be replicated across America. This is not Islamofascism, it Americanism!

Florida. The greatest winner was Florida, and indirectly America, with the election of the articulate conservative Marco Rubio for the U.S. Senate. If a inexperienced, very liberal, first term Senator from Illinois could win the presidency with his meager resume, Marco Rubio is a shoe-in to be the 45th President! How about a Rubio-Christie ticket? Prepare for a concerted effort on the part of the government-supporting media to do all it can to ruin this stalwart statesman over the next two years! They will make their vicious past attacks on Sarah Palin look paltry by comparison. They surely do not want to see Dear Leader go mano-a-mano with a conservative Hispanic of all people? I predict that Mr. Rubio will be an outstanding leader in the Senate, unlike the one-term Senator from Illinois who did not make much noise or do much of anything in the Senate when he was present.

The Republicans also captured the Governorship. More importantly they dismissed the incorrigible and radical Congressman Alan Grayson and elected a Daniel Webster, literally and figuratively. They also elected a fine black conservative former military officer and conservative Allen West for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Even the extremely liberal Huffington Post acknowledged that, “Political newcomer Steve Southerland, a funeral director from Panama City, rode a wave of tea party enthusiasm and hammered (Alan) Boyd for supporting President Barack Obama's health care overhaul and stimulus program.


This election was a second chance given to America and to the wayward Republican Party. Let’s not screw it up this time, okay. Let’s stick to our principles and not to the socialist principles of the Soetoro/Obama-Reid dangerous duo. We must stand firm. The people want a stop any further degradation caused to this great nation. They want to have our Congressmen and Congresswomen hold up the standard of American Exceptionalism and the values and principles upon with this nation was built to be restored and renewed.

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