Friday, November 19, 2010

Our President has a Passionately Pro-Death Position on Abortion

Hat tip goes to the blog and their fine article, “Porky Pig Guides Obama on Abortion Stance, and for including the video below with that article. And the President has done nothing the past two years to disavow or disparage the fact that he is radically pro-death. 

In fact he has not only demonstrated that he is staunchly pro-abortion, but adamantly pro- embryonic stem cell research, pro- euthanasia and pro- death panels. 

He issued an executive order early on in his tenure to reverse the Mexico City Policy to allow the funding of abortion in foreign lands. 

His ObamaCare so-called Health Care 'Reform" bill wreaks with pro-death provisions. The man is an advocate and agent for advancing a pro-death culture in America. The 112th Congress should make it its highest priority to reverse this dangerous and harmful trend.


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