Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ray Stevens sings at Branson, MO Tea Party 10/23/10

Here is a great YouTube video of Ray Stevens singing two of his terrific Tea Party songs for a Missouri Tea Party event in Branson a month ago.

Between his song about ObamaCare, ‘We the People’ and his song ‘Throw the Bums Out,’ he relates two interesting stories.


“It was in the news not long ago … you remember the two people that snuck into the White House without the proper credentials? Do you remember that? THEY’RE STILL THERE!”


“My twelve year old grandson came up to me … and asked me, “What is politics?”

“Well, I said, “Willis, lets break the word down into the separate parts. Take the first part, ‘poly,’ that means MANY. The second part is ‘ticks,’ that means BLOODSUCKERS.”


Ironically, it was just a short 10 days after the Branson Tea Party that many Democrats who voted for ObamaCare, were, like bums, thrown out. You could consider Ray Stevens to be a singing prophet of sorts, couldn’t you?

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  1. Thanks for the positive commentary about my all-time favorite, Ray Stevens!! Yesterday on Twitter it was posted that he'll be in the studio recording 10 all new political comedy songs.

    His current CD collection, titled We The People, features a lot of political songs too...the title track "We The People" plus "Throw the Bums Out!", "Caribou Barbie", "Come to the USA", "We Are the Government", "Obama Nation", "The Global Warming Song"...just to name a few.

    I can't wait to hear the 10 new songs that are on their way.