Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flag-on-bike boy gets big biker escort

Hat tip goes to  which posted an article,  the following article and YouTube video below.

Hat tip goes to HotAirPundit.which posted an article, “Boy Whose School Forced Him To Remove Flag From His Bicycle Gets Escort To School From Bikers and the YouTube video below. This was the incident where the 13 year old boy’s school made him remove the flag from his bicycle, apparently because of a complaint from someone who was offended by the sight of the flag. Can you believe that? No wonder California is in the fix that it is in. First Governor Terminator then Governor Moonbeam!  

The video shows the parade of supporters mostly motorcycle riders following the school boy, Cody Alicia,  as he leaves school yesterday (Monday). That politically correct school should be sufficiently embarrassed and ashamed over their senselessness …

No bailouts for CA! No none? Can you hear us Dear Leader?

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