Monday, November 29, 2010

Lame Duck Congress To-Do it to US list, part 1

This is the first of a two-part series of bills that will be taken up by the lame duck Congress between now and Christmas.

Here is what we can expect that this miserable radical-left led 111st Congress will do between now and Christmas:

·                    George W. Bush-era tax cuts – Being big government tax & spend proponents this Congress will, at best, extend the Bush tax cuts for 2 more years temporarily. They will make nothing permanent. They will buck and reject all efforts to make the tax cuts permanent. They do not want to turn this spending source cut off. They will grudgingly extend the tax cuts to the ‘rich’ as well as to the rest of us, but without a fight. They will seek some kind of compromise, but the Republicans should not cave. At the very minimum the Republicans should accept only a 2-year extension for everyone.

·                    Temporary spending bill – By Friday, December 3rd Congress must pass some type of spending bill or government shuts down. Let government shut down until the new Congress is in session January 3rd!

I used the article, “Full Agenda Ahead for Congress During Lame Duck Session,” as the source of some of the facts for this posting.

To be continued

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