Monday, November 08, 2010

Election Shenanigans in Alaska

In the developing story of the Alaskan U.S. Senatorial election between incumbent establishment good ole gal RINO Lisa Murkowski versus Tea Party supported Joe Miller, Mark Levin went to the source. The person charged with overseeing the election process. That was Craig Campbell, Lieutenant Governor. Mark had Mr. Campbell on his show tonight and grilled him for a quarter of an hour.

Nothing was actually resolved. Right now there is a bunch of write-in ballots that need to be counted. There are a number of absentee ballots that are yet to be counted. As it stands now Joe Miller, the Republican primary winner and challenger is behind by about 13,000 votes. Loser of the Republican primary and desperately wanting to hold on to the power and prestige of her Senate seat is running as an independent.

The actual count of write-in ballots will begin on Wednesday. Much to the consternation of the Miller campaign, the date of the counting started a week earlier than was originall announced, which as to be Thursday, November 18. According to Joe Miller his campaign was not notified of the change and had to scramble to get its observers and legal team to Juno, the state capital.

Here is a description that accompanied the embedded YouTube video below: “Mark Levins talks with Lieutenant Governor Craig Campbell of Alaska about the up coming vote count on Wednesday and he asked him questions why he has been changing some of the rules of the game.

We may have a better indication of how this election will go perhaps by the end of the week. It may be tied up in courts for quite some time if the numbers are very close … Stay tuned …

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  1. Speaking of misspelling...its Juneau, not Juno. But maybe it should be "Jew, No!" :)