Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Late Night Takes – Cleaning up Congress

Maxine Waters & Charles Rangel - Still in office

Late Night Humor

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

· This weekend, we turn(ed) the clocks back. Now don’t confuse that with last Tuesday when Democrats got their clocks cleaned.

· It looks like John Boehner will be the new speaker of the House. He is the son of a bartender, one of 12 children who grew up in a two-room home with just one bathroom. He worked his way through school and became the first person in his family to graduate from college. Then, sadly, he fell in with the wrong crowd and wound up in Congress.

These jokes are courtesy of NewsMax.com (Hat Tip!), which periodically sends out an email compilation of late night jokes, few of which are worth repeating … these two were the exceptions in the latest batch.

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