Saturday, November 06, 2010

Will Governor-elect Kasich be a Christie or Taft II?

Ohio's Governor-elect John Kasich

Former long-time U. S. Congressman John Kasich won his race for Governor of Ohio. That was the easy part, now comes the hard part, governing. I sure hope that he will follow New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's model rather than the soon to be former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger's, failed model of spend and spend and spend.


If John Kasich governs anything like either of his two immediate predecessors, RINO Bob Taft or ultra liberal Ted Strickland Ohio will be in deep do-do. The grand prize for winning the governorship will be high privilege of trying to balance a budget of a state facing an 8 billion dollar shortfall. This will be his first major test. He will need to put all of his business and budgeting experience from his days in the U.S. House of Representatives to work.

Will he have the courage to say know to a hoard of stakeholders with their hand out demanding a piece of the shrinking state pie? Will he like Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey make the hard but correct decisions to reestablish fiscal responsibility? Will he be able to keep his campaign promises and attract employers and jobs for Ohioans?

I saw an article in the local newspaper today which reported that Kasich has already informed the current Governor of Ohio that he will not proceed with the building of the Three C railroad line connecting the three major cities in Ohio with a new railroad line. Good start, Mr. Kasich. That project was a foolish boondoggle. The train would travel at less than what a car can travel between those cities. Who would ride it? It would end up further draining the coffers of the impoverished state treasury. It might be a different scenario if that was a bullet train traveling at twice the speed of passenger traffic. Kasich is not even in office and he is already saving the state money!

I believe that Kasich will have a very difficult time, but he will stick to his conservative fiscal principles and will lead Ohio out of the funk that it has been in for the last few decades. I believe that he will be more like Gov. Christie than the recent Ohio governors. Best wishes, Mr. Kasich!


When you get around to education, sir, I wish you would return the funding stripped out of the budget for Abstinence-based sex education and eliminate the amoral Planned Parenthood model of comprehensive sex education. And while you are at it I'd like to see you ramp up parental choice in education encouraging vouchers and any and all alternative to our failed government-run indoctrination centers.


  1. MikeGSP1:59 PM

    Actually, Christie is more like Schwarzenegger than you know. State spending is up 6% thanks to Christie. Taxes are also up.
    Christie is pro-Obamacare, pro-Cap & Trade and soft on illegal immigration.
    Mike-Americans for Prosperity, NJ

  2. I am also not so optimistic. Watch out for more corporate welfare from this friend of Lehman Brothers.

  3. Thanks Mike -

    I will delve further into Gov. Christie's positions on the issues before I make any further comparisons ... However, what I have been exposed to with him has been positive, but I think you're saying we have not seen the full picture of the man ...

  4. Matt -

    I think Kasich will do much better fiscally than either of his two most recent predecessors, which is not really saying much considering who the two were and what they did or didn't do ...

  5. Looks like Mike is right:

    Chris Christie on Meet the Press: Tea Party is a Net Positive But Delaware Was a Missed Opportunity to Have a Really Good U.S. Senator in Mike Castle

    Christie had me fooled!

  6. MikeGSP9:35 PM

    "However, what I have been exposed to with him has been positive"

    I know. The "Christie is a conservative" narrative is one of the bigger myths going right now.

    Thought you might reading about Christie on one of the top conservative blog sites in NJ.