Monday, August 03, 2009

Ohio LiberTEA ParTEA 8/1/09 Columbus, Part 2

I was not surprised, but still disappointed with the meager media coverage of this landmark event, the all-Ohio LiberTEA Party held on Saturday. There were THOUSANDS of patriots present. A major speaker was featured, Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News. See a portion of his speech at the bottom of this article.

For example, while the local liberal yellow journal, also called the Columbus Dispatch, on its “A Taxing Issue” photo layout of the issue, manipulated the TEA Party protest into merely an anti-tax event and marginalized it as just one side (the wrong one) of the local tax issue. You see the City of Columbus has an income tax ballot issue coming up tomorrow. Interestingly and very revealing the first three photos in the 9 photo slideshow cover the TEA Party. Again, this is an event where 7-10 THOUSAND people from all over the state gave up their Saturday afternoons to make the trip to an otherwise dead downtown. On the other hand, a few hundred local door-to-door ballot issue pushers where given a 6 photos (100% more coverage) to cover their sorry story. To me that is pushing a certain agenda and not reporting the news objectively or fairly, the complete story did not get told.
Another example is the only news story I could find was on WTBN TV10, a CBS affiliate, spent approximately 2 ½ minutes covering Issue One (the local income tax issue) and the campaign to pass the income tax, while less than 2 minutes were given to the massive grassroots pro-limited government, pro-liberty, pro-sovereignty, pro-American rally that occurred on the west lawn of the Statehouse.

Below are photos and a video that, I think capture the magnitude of the multitude meeting to express their outrage not only over the taxes, but loss of state sovereignty (which, by the way, was one of the main reasons for the rally) loss of individual freedoms, growth of big government, and the doubling of the deficit by the current administration and Congress in just six months.

The above 3 photos were taken by Shari Lewis, Columbus Dispatch


No matter if the media tries to ignore, minimize, even deceive its audiance about the growing Tea Party Movement, it will continue to gain momentum. Americans are unhappy with the direction and policies President Soetoro a/k/a Obama, Reid and Pelosi are advancing. We must make our voices heard, as many of the speakers mentioned the August recess is an excellent time to tell our representatives and Senators what we think about Socialized Medicine (ObamaCare) and Cap and Trade . . .

See part 1 of OhioLiberTEA ParTEA 8/1/09 Columbus.

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