Monday, November 10, 2008

Conservatives to Obama, "Keep 'The change.'"

A sign of things to come?

I saw a Hillary 2012 bumper snicker shortly after her defeat to B.O. during the primary elections. Now I came across the above sticker in an email sent to me from I thought it captured the essence of the moment.

The new Barack Obama Administration, as far as I am concerned, can "keep the change." They can keep climate change, the change to Marxism, the change to even bigger government, the change to limiting individual rights and freedoms, the change to higher taxes for all, the change to worsening schools, the change to further advancing the homosexual agenda . . . They can keep all of that kind of change and not foist it on America.

Let me be one of the first to urge conservatives to get behind a Palin-Jindal ticket in four years. That is, if this nation can withstand the Obama years and still be existing as a viable nation . . . yes, I think that it can be that grave . . .

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