Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama, Action Hero or Bobblehead Figurine?

Mark Steyn has an interesting column on National Review, titled, “Double O bama.” In it he is aghast at the new 007, James Bond, actor Daniel Craig’s response to the question as to which of the two major party candidates for president in this year’s election would make a better 007. Steyn chides Craig for choosing the grossly unqualified unaccomplished lightweight Barack Hussein Obama. Here is a portion of Steyn's assessment:

“On the other hand, Barack Obama has spent his entire adult life chit-chatting with “community organizers” and campus lefties – and he’s the last action hero? It’s true he’s offered “to quite literally look the enemy in the eye” without preconditions. But, given that he looked the Reverend Jeremiah Wright in the eye for 20 yearsand failed to notice he was an ugly neo-segregationist race-baiter peddling insane conspiracy theories, and that he looked William Ayers in the eye for almost as long and failed to notice he was an unrepentant terrorist, and that he looked Tony Rezko in the eye for an extremely beneficial real estate deal and failed to notice he was already being mentioned in the Chicago papers for various unsavory activities, I’m not sure Senator Obama is the go-to guy for in-the-field intelligence work.”

I can’t understand why all the fawning over this unequivocally unqualified, immensely inexperienced, media-created ‘messiah.’