Thursday, November 06, 2008

This Election Stinks

The only good, important ballot issue to pass was California’s Proposition 8. None of the abortion bills passed. Even though South Dakota compromised and allowed exceptions for rape and incest to the bill, it still didn’t pass. (It doesn’t pay to compromise.)

The only two of my endorsed candidates to get elected were the incumbents—Ron Paul and Walter Jones. The rest were soundly defeated. Bob Conley didn’t even get as high of a percentage of the vote in South Carolina as Barack Obama did. I guess there were fewer conservatives who were smart enough to vote for Conley than there were liberals who were smart enough not to.

I was hoping that some of the third party candidates would get 2-3%. But no one even got 1%. (Nader’s total rounds up to 1%.) Even after Ron Paul (unofficially) endorsed Chuck Baldwin, he still only got 175,000 votes or about 0.2% of the vote. That is only about what Michael Peroutka got 4 years ago. Bob Barr faired better, but not by much more than Michael Badnarik did 4 years ago. What a bummer. Even if you add up all the votes for Barr, Baldwin, Keyes, and Ron Paul (he was actually on the ballot in two states), the total is less than the number who voted for Ron Paul in the primaries. I guess some decided to choose the lesser of two evils, and some were such purists that they decided not to vote for anyone at all.

Worst of all, we elected the worst possible candidate for President.

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