Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election 2008 Aftermath:

After the Disgust Settles


Congratulations are in order for President-elect Barack Hussein Obama. It was a historical victory. He is the first partly black man to win the White House. It tells black America and the world that segregation is behind us. It should ease the white guilt so deeply seated in the psyche of the sensitive liberals of this nation. Personally, I would have much preferred the first black President to have been a strong conservative such as Mike Steele, Alan Keyes, or Ken Blackwell. But those blacks are not recognized as such by the leftist establishment because they do not fit their template.

Not only was he the first partially black President, he was also the first partly Islamist (he will do more sympathizing and appeasing Muslims than even President Jimmy Carter did), and the first partly Marxist to win the White House. Additionally, he is the first man heavily influenced by radical black liberation theology or Black Nationalism and I feel he is racist at his core. One commentator, Bill Murray, I recently heard in an interview, as having described Obama as having come from a seriously dysfunctional family upbringing, which has created in him some serious psychological problems. This is all disconcerting.

Disturbing, as well, is how President-elect Obama won the election, with more than a little help from his rowdy friends.

First, is radically leftist mainstream media, who were so obviously in bed with Obama, because good investigative journalism was all but forsook in favor of the overarching and determined goal to put the best face (or mask) forward on this man to insure his election. From so-called news journalist Chris Matthews’ tingling feelings running up his leg at the sight of the O-man to the three major network anchors, who successively served up softballs to Obama as opposed to the vicious, slanted and calculated attacks on his opponents, especially Sarah Palin. This demonstrated their painfully obvious bias. Truth about this man was ignored, concealed or glossed over at every turn. No one in the mainstream media ever questioned Obama about such things as his relationships with ACORN. No, because it might damage or tarnish Obama’s delicately created image. Contrast the mainstream media’s relentless attacks on and investigations of Sarah Palin and even on Joe the Plumber!

Second, troubling, too, were the funding sources for his campaign, both the backing of George Soros and the foreign “investors” who are suspected to have provided unaccounted for money to his campaign. Equally upsetting were his unscrupulous past financial dealings with Tony Rezko, which Obama brushed off as “bonehead mistakes.” More like an example of his poor judgment. What about his associations with ACORN and his campaign channeling funding to that felonious organization?

Third the unanswered questions regarding his qualifications and necessary experience. Again, the mainstream media took a no holds barred approach to vetting Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber, but assumed the best of their messiah. Why was Obama so reticent to release a certified copy of his birth certificate, the thesis he wrote in college, his college records, and his medical record?


I said in an article Monday night and prior that California’s Marriage Protection Amendment, Proposition 8, was even more important than the Presidency. Well, I still believe that today. Proposition 8 and similar measure won in California, Arizona and Florida. The good citizens of depraved San Francisco rejected Measure K, which was on the ballot and which would have legalized prostitution in that godless den of iniquity.

Ohio, for the fourth time, shot down another attempt to force legalized gambling on its citizens. Despite the odds the gamblers still are willing to risk hoards of money with hopes of hitting the big payoff.

These were the victories that have restored some morality, commonsense and sanity in to this gravely wounded country.

Now, let’s look at the momentary setbacks. All of the ballot issues related to the sanctity of life were killed.

The Personhood Amendment on Colorado’s ballot and the limited Abortion Ban in South Dakota were defeated. In California Proposition 4 was defeated. That proposition would have granted parents the right to be notified before a child has an abortion. Idiocy if you as me. The unnecessary, expensive and wicked Embryonic Stem Cell Research ballot issue was approved in dying Michigan. Equally devious was the passage of the legalized euthanasia or physician assisted suicide in the state of Washington. Every single life related issue that I followed was violently massacred around the polls this fall. Shameful.

In the case of the physician assisted suicide issue in Washington as well as other issues outside of the state funding sources poured money into the state to insure passage of these nefarious initiatives to insure the virus spreads to other states and even the world. Tragic.


To continue the theme of killing off pro-life initiatives and pro-life hero’s and heroines, Colorado’s Rep. Marilyn Musgrove was assassinated at the ballot box. She had a big fat target placed squarely on her by the compassionate murderous highly profitable Planned Parenthood loving liberals.

Conservatives incumbent Steve Chabot (OH-1) and challengers Kirk Schuring (OH), Lou Barletta (PA-11) and Bill Russell (PA-16) were also defeated in House races.

Thankfully Rep. Michele Bachmann resisted a Chris Matthews inspired “assassination” attempt and held her very important seat as a strong conservative leader. Tom Rooney ousted the lightly reported Democratic scandal ridden imitation of Mark Foley in Florida.

The Democrats picked up 20 more seats in the House in this election.

Conservative Senators Cochran and Wicker from Mississippi and Coleman in Michigan were all re-elected. However, Conservative senate candidates Pearce (NM), Dykstra (SD), Schaffer (CO) and Hoogendyk (MI) were all rejected.

The senate currently sits with a 57 Democrat majority.


We need to provide the conservative Senate and House survivors with significant support in the intense battles that will be waged on the traditions and values that America and Americans have held dear and sacred for 200 years. This is war.

If we can contain the damage and hold on until 2010, when reinforcements can be sent to Congress to fight the leftists who will wage war on many battlefronts, then maybe our nation can survive.

Some of the key battles we will face the next two years are:

* The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) - Obama’s self-declared top priority - which will overturn every hard-fought abortion restriction legislated the last 35 years

* The Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA)

* "Hate" crimes bills

" Edward Kennedy’s legacy leaving universal health care

* Funding for Preschoolers

* Appointment of Radical Activist Judges who continue to rule and ruin our country

* Weakening of Our National Security

* Passage of Amnesty for Illegals

* Massive Funding to Solve World Poverty

* Killing America’s Coal Industry

* Advancing the Unnecessary, Wasteful, Destructive, Costly, and Foolish Global Warming Fallacy

* Overturning the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

* Permitting Same-Sex Persons in the Military

* Barney Frank’s Proposed 25% De-funding of the Military

* Obama’s Civil Defense Force

* Gun Control

It is staggering to see what America will be facing in the next few months and years under the Obama-Pelosi-Reid troika regime.

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